Indonesian Business Expert Talks about PTFI

14 September 2015

An Indonesian business expert, Rhenald Kasali was invited to visit the highest mountain in Indonesia. He had the opportunity to visit the world's largest open pit mine, Grasberg, the Concentrating area and the DMLZ underground mines. Rhenald spoke of the many misinformation circulating about PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) and the mine in Papua. As an academic, he stated that it was time for the Indonesian citizens to be educated about mining and PTFI; and not merely circulating information without a reliable reference or source of information.

Exchanging small-talk with him, this writer is amazed at the many things he observed during the his visit to the PTFI work area. Starting from the many requirements necessary to run a large-scale operation in this remote area, the cooperation with the various parties to assemble the vehicles used, up to the trainings employees need in accordance with their respective work areas. "As an economic and business observer, I have never been amazed at the natural beauty of the PTFI highlands. It’s not shocking to see diligent workers, what truly amazes me is their friendliness while also being responsible for their work " he said when met.

PTFI Under Rhenald Kasali’s Observation

With this visit, Rhenald confirmed that rumors he had heard about PTFI is just that - a rumor. His direct observations suggest that there is an amazing collaboration work ethic between several different countries, and between different ethnic groups in Indonesia for prosperity. "For many years we do not have the human resources who are experts in this field, for many years we did not have sophisticated technology that can mine the natural resources available, we need to have experience or experts that can show us the way, we need cooperation to increase the prosperity in this nation" he expressed in a conversation with the writer. Indonesia has only recently begun to have what economics call entrepreneur, Indonesia never had it before.

Entrepreneur is a person who can take risks, provide venture capital to explore suggestions and hunches. This takes guts, who's willing to bet a large capital without knowing whether it will be beneficial? Indonesia has gone a long time without having this, and it's because of  Freeport McMoran’s initial contract of work that Indonesia has started to evolve – there is a broaden way to how our citizens think and they are not limiting themselves. This is proven by the statistics; the number of Indonesian employees working at PTFI - currently 97.5% of PTFI employees are Indonesian nationals, which isn’t easy.

What should be taken into consideration is how many years has it been since PTFI was founded; how long did it take before the company's employees are more nationals than foreigners. Then how to shorten the time to develop the locals, particularly the indigenous people of Papua. He emphasized that there is a thin line between local government and companies established in that area towards the development of locals and its’ region. This should be clear to both parties, and according to him the facilities built by PTFI far exceeds what other mining companies in Indonesia have done. Not many companies are willing to set up airports, schools, churches, mosques and hospitals for the needs of its' employees and local residents.

The Company and the government are partners, for the future development of the nation and country, these partners should work well together to achieve success and prosperity. (imarischa)

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