Papua Governor: Government Must Grant Business Certainty on Freeportq

05 January 2016


JAYAPURA, – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe hopes that government will soon grant certainty on PT Freeport Indonesia business continuation for the sake of the national interest.

“We’re not talking about Freeport’s contract to be renewed soon. The time has been ruled under the law. There are still long phase and procedure to reach that,” said Lukas answering journalist questions in Jayapura. Friday (12/25) evening.

Lukas was accompanied by Freeport’s President Director Maroef Sjamsoeddin who came to attend the open house event to celebrate the Christmas at the Governor’s residence. Lukas said Jakarta must have same vision on Freeport’s existence that has been built with massive investment.

According to him, Freeport is not only affecting to the economic development of Papua but also nationally. It is affecting the politics and the unity of the nation too.

He said that even the government extends the Freeport’s contract in Papua eventually, the regional government expects to obtain 10 percent of the 30 percent shares that is planned to be divested.

“We are reviewing that matter, especially on the budget issues,” he said.


He confirms that the expected shares will not possessed by anyone else. “We won’t give it to the private party. We will find the best solution,” he said.

Lukas also expects to obtain 10 percent of PT Freeport’s company tax. Freeport still pays 35 percent instead, while the provision says it should only pay 25 percent.

Lukas mentioned that he will pass the Freeport latest issues as well as the Papua Province Government standing position to the President Joko Widodo who will pay a visit to Papua in the near future.

Meanwhile Maroef Sjamsoeddin welcomes the positive communications built between Freeport as investor and the Papua Province Government and the central government as the regulator.

“We must have same vision on seeing the continuity of the company investment that is a national asset,” he said.

Maroef also said that he ask all parties to discuss together and look on the prevailing provision, especially if in the past there were negative issues on Freeport existence.

“Let us see what is better for the future. It was closed and exclusive in the past, but now we are open and transparent,” said Maroef.

Prior to attend the Christmas open house event held by Papua Governor, on Friday noon Maroef also attend the Christmas open house held by West Papua Province Governor, Abraham Octavianus Atururi and his deputy Irene Manibuy in Manokwari.

The article was quoted from Kompas Online: Pemerintah Harus Beri Kepastian Bisnis Freeport oleh Josie Susilo Hardianto


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