PT Freeport datangkan 11.000 dosis Vaksin Sinopharm

25 June 2021

PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) is bringing in 11.000 doses of Sinopharm vaccine as a first phase, to be able to vaccinate thousands of its employees and their families in the company’s mining Jobsite in the Mimika Regency, Province of Papua.

PT Freeport Indonesia Vice President for Government Relations, Johnny Lingga, in Timika on Friday stated the 11.000 doses of Sinopharm vaccine that are a part of the Gotong Royong Vaccination Program has already arrived in Timika and will soon be administered to its employees and their families.

“The vaccine is brought in in stages. For the first phase 11.000 doses have already arrived; whereas for the next second phase another 8.000 doses will be brought in and are expected to arrive in another three weeks,” thus explained Johnny.

According to him, to be able to obtain the Gotong Royong vaccine there were many conditions to be met by PT Freeport Indonesia; the same applied for other business enterprises in Indonesia.

In terms of implementing the vaccinations to the employees and their families, according to Johnny, it will be implemented in stages as per availability of the vaccine. According to the Management of Freeport it has set a target until October 2021 for all its employees and their families, who are willing to be vaccinated, to have received their vaccination to prevent Covid-19 contamination.

The Covid-19 vaccination for the employees of PT Freeport Indonesia and all its sub-contractor employees was launched by PT Freeport Indonesia President Director, Tony Wenas, in Jakarta since Thursday (6/17). By means of collaborating with the Mimika Regency Health Office, Covid-19 vaccinations were also already administered to PT Freeport Indonesia employees, its privatization companies and sub-contractors, namely 4.800 doses of Sinovac vaccine.

In the days prior to the announcement of the Gotong Royong Vaccination Program by President Joko Widodo, PT Freeport Indonesia already coordinated with the Ministry of Health, the Indonesian Chamber of Trade and Industry or KADIN; MIND ID, as well as, with PT Bio Farma in Jakarta to also be able to obtain the Covid-19 vaccine.

In line with Freeport’s initial request to the government, the company’s need for Covid-19 vaccine to cover all its employees, and their families residing in the Timika Jobsite, Jayapura and Jakarta number 75.000 vaccines.

The Covid-19 vaccinations for PT Freeport Indonesia employees and its sub-contractor companies will be administered by International ISOS, which all along has been collaborating to provide health services in the Tembagapura Hospital, as well as, the Kuala Kencana Clinic and others, including outside Papua. ISOS International is certified to administer Covid-19 vaccinations.

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