PTFI Christmas Flight and Boat Program Take Thousands of Employees Home for Christmas

13 December 2017


Amid the company’s lingering state of uncertainty in terms of production and security, on Wednesday (12/12) PTFI launched provision of Christmas Flights & Boats 2017 that will get underway until mid January 2018. The Christmas Flights commenced with an opening ceremony held in Moses Kilangin Airport in Timika,  officiated by EVP for Human Resources, Achmad Didi Ardianto, who symbolically presented tickets to the representative of employees boarding the Christmas Flights. This launch was also marked with the ritual rice cone (tumpeng) first cut by EVP Corporate Planning and Business Strategy, H-D Garz who offered the first serving to Cessar Avianto Tunya, the head of the Christmas Flights & Boats 2017 committee.

In his committee report, Cessar Avianto Tunya conveyed that the Christmas Flights 2017/2018 routes will not diverge considerably from previous years, as this is an annual program. Flight destinations to major cities in Papua such as Manokwari, Sorong, and Merauke use Sriwijaya Airlines where they implement a group block system on regular flights, whereas destination such as Wamena will use chartered flights. Passengers heading to Nabire will take Garuda flights booked using a group block system on regular flights. While Airfast Twin Otters will be utilized for destinations such as Enarotali, Waghete and Moanemani. Johnlin aircraft will fly employees to inland regencies, districts and villages otherwise inaccessible by Twin Otter aircraft. 

Fuel will be given to employees and their families from coastal areas using the Christmas Boat travel assistance for destinations including  Kokonao, Agimuga, Aikawapuka, Ipaya, Potowaiburu, Pronggo, Timika Pantai, Agats, Atuka, Manasari, Sumapro, Ararao, Kekwa, Umar, Yaraya and Amar. In all, the number of passengers booked for the Christmas Flights & Boats 2017 program comes to an astounding sum of 4,496 passengers.

At the Christmas Flights & Boats 2017 opening, PTFI management representative Achmad Didi Ardianto explained, “The Christmas Flights program is not a new program, but an annual program that has been in place for several years. In this particular year we should give praise to God and thank the company, because the program is pressing on despite the problems the company is undergoing. It is an embodiment of the company’s commitment to serve its employees, and in particular Papuan employees intending to celebrate Christmas in their home villages.” Didi also entreated all employees to keep safe and return to work hale and hearty. The Christmas Flights 2017/2018 opening was marked with the beating of tifa drums and a send-off for the first flight.   (Hendrikus Purnomo)

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