PTFI Officially Launches 2016 National Safety Month

22 January 2016

PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) has officially launched commemoration of 2016 National Safety Month (BK3N).

Implementation of the 2016 National Safety Month that refer to Decree of the Minister of Manpower No. 386 of 2014 concerning Guide for Implementation of National Occupational Safety and Health Month in the 2015-2019 period is themed Minerals and Coal Mining Safety Management Systems to Boost Productivity and Competitiveness in International Markets. The sub-theme adopted by PTFI is ‘I Choose To Be Safe’, which leads out of the PTFI Technical Mine Manager’s motto of “Safety First, Production will Follow.

Some of the activities organized by PTFI’s 2016 National Safety Month committee include a Leadership Seminar for Local Contractors; a Fire & Rescue Volunteer Competition; Safety Slogan and Photography Competitions; an OH&S Awareness and Discipline Campaign; Aerobics & Clean City; a Walkathon & Bike Parade; and visits to schools and universities in Timika, Jayapura and Sorong. The activities will be held from January 20 to March 6, 2016, when they will be closed with a Bazaar and OH&S Expo.

The above program is not just in implementation of National Safety Month commemoration at PTFI. Beyond that, through this program the committee aims to increase awareness of safety as the primary value in all aspects of PTFI operations.

On that note, Technical Mine Manager Brian Clark in his speech underscored, “This is not just a celebration; more importantly, it is about how we should achieve total safety in our operations. 2016 will be filled with new projects such as construction of the GBC mine, underground mine production, and other activities that will demand our full vigilance and alertness.” 

Technical Mine Manager also called on the organization to bring about behavioral change in concert by putting safety uppermost in kick-starting 2016. 

Safety is our primary value and our common responsibility. Let us make the 2016 National Safety Month a success in PTFI, through awareness of the importance of safety in our lives and work! I choose to be safe! (Miko Sularso)

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