The Working-Together Spirit Manifests Perpetuation Towards Nation Building

24 August 2015


70th Anniversary - Long Live the Republic of Indonesia

Yet again, the joy of celebrating the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia prevailed in and around PTFI. This year PTFI celebrated the commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia along the entire Indonesian nation throughout the Archipelago and adopting the theme ‘Let’s Work’.

Although the capital may be foreign, it doesn’t prevent the Indonesian spirit from prevailing at Freeport Indonesia. Each year the commemoration of Indonesian’s Independence Anniversary always becomes the largest event for PTFI and mandatory to be celebrated.

The celebration for 2015 was particularly interesting and unique. PTFI commemorated the Proclamation Seconds and subsequent flag-hoisting ceremony at six different locations, namely Tembagapura, Kuala Kencana, Underground Mine DMLZ, Nggapulu Peak in the Sudirman Mountain Range, Tsinga Village and Atuka Village along the coastal area of Mimika. The flag-hoisting event at the respective locations symbolizes the unity in diversity of the Indonesian Independence Day celebrations.


PTFI Management especially invited the national and local media to attend the 70th Independence Anniversary at the Jobsite. By means of the media PTFI wishes to share with the entire community the prevailing nationalism and working spirit that is the foundation of PTFI's mining business development in the future.

The company wishes to underline that the Freeport mining operation in Papua is not merely natural resources exploitation, as is frequently alleged of Freeport. Instead, Freeport is the business partner of the government in terms of development, developing mining technology, empowering the people, both the general Indonesian people as well as the Papuan community in particular – and developing the socio-economy condition of the community living in the surrounding of PTFI’s operation area. All these elements are in place to provide the greatest benefit to the Indonesian nation. 


This prevailing spirit of development and work will be nurtured and implanted within PTFI’s organization and surroundings. Although the company is currently in the midst of extreme challenges, where we haven’t yet obtained certainty from the government in terms of our operation post 2021, it doesn’t deter us to remain optimistic and delivering our best efforts to the company.

In his remarks during the Commemoration of RI 70th Proclamation of Independence in Tembagapura, President Director Maroef Sjamsoeddin particularly emphasized on:

  1. Implementing internal consolidation, enhancing integrated coordination, honing management functions within the lines of the respective work divisions/workplaces.
  2. Understanding the role, task and function and being responsible in implementing the business process to enable creating effectivity and efficiency.
  3. Refraining from ignoring security and safety at work
  4. Maintain tight relations and enhance the sense of belonging and being proud to be an employee and member of the PT Freeport Indonesia. Don’t get trapped by individual egos which can only lead to deterring the company’s progress.

Let’s delve into our work inspired by our nationalism to manifest optimal contribution and let our work be our servitude towards the development in our beloved country.

Congratulations; enjoy the 70th Independence Day Anniversary celebrations. Let’s work together to make Indonesia famous from Papua! (Miko Sularso)

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