A Mining Company With An Advanced Environmental Management System

28 March 2016   |   CSR News

Report on the ISO 14001 Surveillance Audit at PTFI in 2016

Application of conservation principles and environmental protection values is the first good mining practice. Mining itself is a double-edged sword. On the one hand the mining industry contributes significantly to the advancement of human civilization, and on the other hand, it is an undeniable fact that the mining industry alters our environment. 

As a world-class mining operator, Freeport McMoRan promotes good mining practices, and certainly this applies to one of its biggest affiliates, PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI).

PTFI’s real commitment to environmental protection and managements is evident in the certification of its environmental management system. PTFI has opted to apply ISO 14001 standards to its environmental management system, and it has obtained ISO 14001 certification since 2001.

More recently, from February 29 to March 4, 2016, PTFI by way of its Environment Department performed an ISO 14oo1 Surveillance Audit on the entire PTFI operating area, covering both the highland and lowland areas. The surveillance audit is performed every year over a period of three years.  ISO 14001 certification for a business entity entails certificate renewal or recertification once every three years at 2-year intervals of surveillance audits. Such ISO 14002 certificate renewal, or recertification.

PTFI entrusts PT SGS International as its appointed auditor for ISO 14001 certification. In this year’s surveillance audit, 4 auditors from PT SGS International arrived at the PTFI operating area in Mimika to conduct the surveillance audit across the entire PTFI operating area. 

“Improvements are continually made to PTFI’s environmental management system. Since my first visit in 2013, more and more progress is evident, and all recommendations made by the auditors are properly followed up. This demonstrates commendable earnestness on PTFI’s part, and is in line with the spirit of ISO 14001 to strive for continuing improvement,” the lead auditor from PT SGS International, Pantja Nugraha remarked.

Meanwhile, Lufi Rachmad, the technical expert in PT SGS’a team of auditors said, “I have visited many mining sites, specifically in Indonesia. I can confidently state that Freeport’s environmental management efforts are more outstanding compared with other mines. There are always new innovations here; new technologies are applied that continually serve to improve the environmental management system applied.” 

Specifically in regards to the Grasberg open-pit mine that will soon see an end to its operations, Lufi Rachmad suggests plans for reclamation of the pit are made as carefully and comprehensively as possible, in relation to future impacts on underground mining. “In particular, in relation to Grasberg Block Cave (GBC), reclamation efforts should avoid areas that would be impacted by underground mining operations,” Lufi Rachmad advised.  

PTFI’s Environmental Department as the host organized the audit activity well. In addition to setting up an internal team, it also conducted inter-departmental coordination over the audit with operation departments including Grasberg Operations Division, GeoEngineering Division, Mine Maintenance Division, Concentrating Mill Division, and UG Operations. The activity has generated harmonious synergy among the operating divisions towards bringing about eco-friendly operations caring for the environment.

“We are confident the sequence of ISO 14001 certification at PTFI will result in a favorable opinion of our operations, in which we carry out a sustainable and certified environment management system. We hope all our efforts will result in future accomplishments,” Gen. Supt for Environmental Compliance & Waste Management Andreas Wisnu said.

After performing audits in various areas highland operating areas, the team of went on to audit lowland operating areas: TRMP, the lowland reclamation area, the marine operations area, DWP Concentrating, Timika Environmental Laboratory (TEL), LIP, workshops, and the MP 38 landfill.  (Miko Sularso)

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