PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) sets the following expections and requirement for its Contractors:

  • Contractor is encouraged to develop and implement their own internal Safety and Health policy, Environmental Policy, and Safety Standards. PT FI expects Contractor policies to meet or exceed PT FI standards.
  • PTFI believes in doing business only with Contractors, Consultants and other business partners who demonstrated high standard of ethical business conduct. PT FI seeks to establish mutually beneficial, long term relationships with business partners who demonstrate their commitment to PTFI principles.
  • PTFI Directly promote human rights through the engagement with host governments, local communities, employees and contractors. PT FI expects its Contractors and Consultants to promote Human Rights Principles.
  • PTFI conducts its’ operation as a good community citizen in accordance with its Community Policy ad expects it’s Contractors to conduct themselves accordingly.

Contractor Occupational Health & Safety

This standard is developed to keep minimum requirements of occupational health and safety (OH&S) that must be in place pertaining to the presence and the activity of a contractor(s) within PT Freeport Indonesia Contract of Work (COW) area.

5.43 Standar Fresh – Contractor Ocupatinal Health and Safety