Based Economic Development Development Project Manasari

28 December 2015

As part of community empowerment program in the Far East of Mimika District Region, PTFI in partnership with Local Mimika Region, respective institutions and other private parties, have done variety programs and activities, both in the format of program and infrastructure development. Some of them have been completed and will be inaugurated and launched. They are Community Infrastructure Projects, Socio-Economic Program, Environmental Activities, and the Initiation of Indigenous Kamoro, Karapao as part of the public gratitude.

Thursday (3/12), PTFI along with other institutions and agencies, and the Mimika Regency, inaugurated several infrastructure projects in three villages of the Far East Mimika District Region, namely Omawita, Fanamo, and Otakwa.

One of PTFI's economic development plan for community in the Southern coastal area of Mimika is a coconut plantation. The infrastructure projects include building churches, schools (elementary and secondary), 33 healthy housing units, community health centers (Puskesmas), installation of clean water, and solar power (solar cell) centrally. The ceremony involves the Diocese, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), military, police, and other partners. In the opening ceremony was also conducted public health services, environmental activities, afforestation / tree planting.

Development of infrastructure projects and community facilities is an important element in community development programs both in the aspect of education, health, and economy. Partnership program of PTFI and LPMAK is focusing to Community development in those three main aspects.

 LPMAK is an institution that manage PTFI's partnership fund for community development with its board membership consists of representatives of local government, Papuan community leaders, leaders of indigenous Amungme and Kamoro, and PTFI. In 2014, number of investment funds for community development both from PTFI's operational fund, as well as those through partnership fund that managed by LPMAK, reached USD 92.2 million, while the total investment fund for community development from the year 1992-2014 reached USD 1.3 billion.

Main objective of the whole program is to contribute to the welfare of the people in the area surrounding the mine area of PTFI, especially Southern coastal areas of Mimika, as the company's commitment to support the advancement of Mimika regional development. (Hendrikus).

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