Energy Minister Inaugurates Nine LPMAK Facilities

02 May 2019


TIMIKA |  The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), Ignasius Jonan, inaugurated nine facilities which were built jointly by the Institute for the Development of the Amungme Kamoro Tribes (LPMAK) in association with PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI).


The inauguration program of the nine facilities was centered at the Sekolah Taruna Papua, (Junior High School, Wonosari Jaya, Distrik Wania in Mimika, Papua, was marked by the signing of a commemorative plaque by the Energy Minister, in the presence of PTFI President Director, Tony Wenas; PT Inalum President Director, Budi Sadikn; Deputy Regent of Mimika, Yohanes Bassang; LPMAK Executive Secretary, Abraham Timang,  and the Bishop of Timika, John Philip Saklil.


The nine facilities inaugurated by the Minister of Energy were mostly educational facilities like a Boarding and Middle School; Boarding School Solus Populi,; Integrated Training Center “Alkinemik Kamoree (PPTAK), an Elemenatry School, Middle School and Girls’ Boarding School in the West Mimika District, Elementary School, Middle School and Teachers Housing Project in the Far Eastern District of Mimika, an Elementary School, Middle School and Boarding School in Kampung Beanegogom-Tsinga, Tembagapura District,


Among the non-educational facilities were also health facilities like the Private Wing & BPJS Clinic of General Hospital RSMM, and other infrastructure facilities like an airport in Ainggogin-Aroanop. Tembagapura District and a micro-hydro electric plant in Kampung Banti, Tembagapura District,


Minister Ignasius Jonan said that 51.2% Freeport shares are now owned by Indonesia via PT Inalum, the Province of Papua and the Mimika Regency. In this context the community is called on to pursue serious efforts to support PTFI which is now owned by the nation. We should from now on no longer refer to Freeport as a foreign entity, although 48.8% is still owned by Freeport McMoRan. “‘Our shares of 51.2% is sufficient to cover  the next 20 years or till 2041 during which time our sons and daughters should be able to learn how to manage the science of mining which is very complex and difficult in our world today,” Jonan said.


As to the community development fund, Jonan said this may be increased to 2%., in order to enable the entire nation of Papua to benefit from it. “These schools are very nice compared to the school I went to. If necessary there should be deliberations how dividends and other benefits are divided so that the  entire community can benefit from the current developments ..


“If need be the schools’ capacity should be expandable meaning to have the capacity to accommodate 2000 children instead of 1000 now, especially when the community development programs are no longer in the form of CSR but become an integral part of a business operation.” “In the past Freeport was 100% foreign owned. Now that we own 51% majority shares nobody should be left behind,” the Minister added


In terms of the health factor, Jonan is asking PTFI or LPMAK to build clinics in isolated areas which have no access to health services. “If this can be arranged I  (ESDM) am willing to provide further assistance such as facilities of potable water ready to drink,” he said.


Mimika’s deputy Regent, Yohanis Bassang, said that the Taruna Papua schools are a manifestation of cooperation between LPMAK and PTFI with support from the Mimika regional government with the objective to succeed in developing, elevating the quality of education in Mimika.


Bassang continued to say that whatever LPMAK builds under the guidance of PTFI can be taken pride in especially when it concerns the development of Amungme and Kamoro children who are educated in the boarding schools and majority schools for these two tribes.


At the same time PTFI President Director, Tony Wenas, said, PTFI’s presence in Papua, and particularly in Mimika, has lasted over 52 years, Before PTFI set foot here the population of Mimika only counted 1000 souls. Now the number has risen to 250 thousand which gives evidence an economic boom has taken place here.


Without such conditions we must admit, not one company is capable to exist in a place where the population is not growing nor developing,” he said.. “Since PTFI’s early days of operations it has always been working in cooperation with the community, starting with the January Agreement in 1974.  Since then things have been evolving leading to the first partnership fund equalling 1% of company revenues that LPMAK is managing until now.


“Last year 2018, the 1% fund amounted to US$. 60 million or Rp. 900 billion. Not counting the community development fund of US$ 40 million directly managed by PTFI. Both funds totalled US$ 100 million which at the exchange rate of Rp. 14,000 = 1 US$, would be equivalent to Rp. 1.4 trillion,” he said.


Wenas said it is due to this fund, the actual manifestation of that program, that we are able to inaugurate these facilities which the population is straightforwardly benefiting from “We sincerely hope that the nine facilities are useful to the people and that PTFI’s presence here can contribute even more to the welfare and prosperity of the people of Papua,” he said

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