Find and Enjoy Mimika’s Excellent Coffee at the Amungme Gold Production House

14 March 2022

Mimika residents can now buy and enjoy Amungme Gold coffee with ease at the Amungme Gold Coffee House on Jalan Malcon, Timika Indah 1, next to RS. Tjandra Medika hospital in Mimika Regency, Papua. The coffee shop affords the public opportunity to order and drink on site coffee prepared by native Papuan baristas. The coffee product is also sold retail. At this location, the whole gamut of coffee production is conducted, from the drying of coffee beans, selection of the best beans, their roasting, grinding and preparation into the ready-to-consume Amungme Gold coffee.  

The head of Amungme Gold Cooperative, Jeremias Enggartmang expressed his thanks to PT. Freeport Indonesia for mentoring coffee growers and helping them to market their produce and support the building of the coffee house that was launched on Monday (14/3/2022). "From the time we were established we had been moving from place to place, but now we have our own premises. Our thanks as well to the government for the assistance provided,” he stated during the event to launch Amungme Gold Coffee House. 

He voiced the hope that the endeavor will continue to develop and grow. “” Let us join hands to gain morale and financial strength ahead, for Amungme Gold coffee to develop further and better,” he ended. At this production place, the coffee beans are sourced from 154 native Amungme growers mentored by PT. Freeport Indonesia, from 45,759 coffee trees bearing the Arabica variety planted on 34.6 hecatres of land spread across several locations in the Mimika highlands. 

PTFI VP for Community Development Nathan Kum said Freeport provided advocacy for the coffee growers from 1998 through 2004. Freeport worked in conjunction with the Mimika regency government to sponsor the coffee growers. Currently their coffee production amounts to 1.7 tons. He expressed the hope that the coffee house’s presence will help to increase coffee production. “Let us work together to expand this endeavor. We should achieve production of 4.5 tons, or even more,” he said. 

He is also hopeful that coffee plantation workers under the aegis of the cooperative sponsored by Freeport will promote their endeavor vigorously to encourage highland communities to plant more coffee.  "A production place is now in place, and Mimika residents who were previously hard put to get the coffee as it was constantly sold out can now easily enjoy it at this establishment that has been launched,” he said.

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