Freeport Runs for 1000 Children's Education

24 December 2015

Starting from a hobby to run, our colleagues Ahmad Rais (MIS Dept., Kuala Kencana) and Faradila Aisnaini (Purchasing Dept., Jakarta), enrolled for a running event, NusantaRun 3rd chapter. What makes this event different from the others is the fact that they ran for a very noble purpose, namely to raise donations to help educate 1000 GNOTA foster children, and not a simple task, they ran along a 135 kilometer route from Bandung to Cirebon. The event has 165 runners that were divided into 55 individual runners and 55 pairs of relay runners who came from various cities in Indonesia.

This event was officially opened and released by the Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil in the Bandung City Hall on December 18, 2015, Rais and Dila start running at 10:30 pm, heading toward the 10 meet points they must go through. Surely this takes more than just knee and labor strength, but also moral support is a very big role to encourage them when tired and bored, trajectory paths through which they passed was not always smooth, sometimes they had to run between large truck, between the race tracks, winding climbs, with minimal lighting in the middle of the night, not to mention when it started to rain and they still continue running.

Sunday afternoon, December 20, 2015, at approximately 10.00 am, Rais successfully completed the 135km with the travel time 35 hours, while Dila arrived earlier since she decided to take on the halfway route. Greeted by friends, family and associates of PTFI with welcome arms in Cirebon City Hall, both our runners arrived in safe and healthy condition, we are definitely proud of their struggle and achievement. (Lilla)



“I run not only to keep myself motivated, but also to motivate & help others”

On December 18, 2015, I ran alongside 164 other runners from various professions in the ultra-distance run (Bandung-Cirebon) to raise education funds for 1000 foster children over 3 years. I took the relay category (Bandung, Sumedang), finishing on Saturday, December 19, 2015 after running for about 12 hours. Droplets of sweat, sweltering, muscle pains felt like nothing compared to the smiles and spirit of the children getting a chance to go to school. There is a certain satisfaction when reaching the finish line and was greeted by children and runners from other communities is something I love, my hobby, my running could also be useful for others. It feels wonderful and proud to be part of NusantaRun. Together with these great runners who ran not only for themselves. Alhamdulillah ... thanks to the donors ... in NusantaRun chapter 3 we have raised more than 1.1 Billion Rupiah more than targetted 800 Million Rupiah. Special thanks also to PT Freeport Indonesia, who have been very supportive and participated in the NusantaRun. Hopefully next year more and more Freeport Runners will join us. Can not wait for next Chapter !


 "Thank God ... I was given the health, strength and smoothness by Allah to participate in this mandate of donors to these dropped out of school children in order for them to be able to attend school again. As a runner I only have a "knee" as a capital and good intentions alone, the support group from the committee or from Freeport Runners, Ito The Physio as my physiotherapists, the bike marshals, the motorcyclist marshals, who stayed up all night and have tried hard to help me focus on just running means a lot to me. Also the donors who make me stay focused towards the finish line that allows it all to happen. Prayer and the spirit of the donors was the one who made me strong and vibrant to run almost 35 hours. Also to my team mate Faradila Aisnaini, who truly made me excited to run when I knew she managed to cross the finish line. Thank you to Freeport Indonesia for their support both morally and materially, and also Corporate Communications team who have helped the preparation for Freeport Runners to participate this event.

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