Implementing CSR, Freeport Focuses On Four Sectors

18 October 2018

JAKARTA - PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) implements its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Papua focusing on the local health, education, infra-structure and economy development sectors.

Senior Vice President Community Affairs Freeport Indonesia, Claus Wamafma, stated CSR is one of the company’s priorities to accelerate the local regional development where it runs its operation. Freeport also contributes to enhancing the community’s quality of life.

In the health sector, Freeport Indonesia has on record 170.000 patient visits to health facilities built and funded by Freeport’s Partnership Fund for Community Development. Furthermore, collaborating with the ‘Timika Malaria Control Center’ Freeport contributed towards mitigating/decreasing the number of malaria cases in Timika to 70% over the past three years.

In the economy sector, the company was able to assist and guide 118 local businessmen/women thereby creating at least 1.036 new job opportunities. The aid was mainly disbursed into the farming, agriculture and fishery sectors totalling Rp.52.3 billion funds to date.

“In the education sector Freeport by means of its partnership fund which is managed by the Kamoro and Amungme Community Development Association or LPMAK, has at least granted 650 scholarships annually for ethnic Papuan residents,” stated Claus in his release, Thursday (10/18).

By means of the Nemangkawi Mining Institute which was founded by Freeport, the company has been able to advance over 3.000 graduates who for a larger part are already employed in the company and its contractors.

“And, lastly we have also founded dormitory/boarding facilities for over 800 Papuan children who are studying both on mainland Java, as well as throughout Papua,” added Claus.

In terms of developing the infrastructure in Timika, Freeport Indonesia developed the Mozes Kilangin International Airport, the Mitra Masyarakat (RSMM) Hospital, the Pomako Bridge, the Mimika Sport Complex, Drink/Potable Water Facility up to disbursing aid to develop/construct the Mimika Regency Administration Office.

Last October 4, 2018, Freeport received appreciation at the Top CSR Award 2018 event. Freeport managed to achieve three awards simultaneously, namely Top Leader on CSR Commitment 2018; Top CSR 2018 in the Mining sector; and Top CSR 2018 for the Infra Structure Program.

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