LPMAK Floating Clinic Boat Arrived in Poumako

05 October 2015


Timika - Floating Clinic Boat arrived in Timika, Friday (25/9). This Boat owned by Lembaga Pengembangan Masyarakat Amungme & Kamoro (LPMAK) was provided to give health services in the coastal villages of Mimika. The boat’s arrival was greeted with Kamoro traditional dance- Seka Kamoro, when arrived on the Port LPMAK, Bridge Poumako II East Mimika District at around 17:30 local time last Friday. the 17x5-meter vessel was carrying six crew traveled from Gresik in East Java to Timika since four months ago.

Head of the Health Bureau of LPMAK Yusuf Nugroho, said the presence of the floating clinic is solely to support the government’s  program of medical services and public health, especially for the remote and isolated region of Mimika Coast.

"These assets belong to LMPAK indeed, but later we will give services in cooperation with the government. The crew will involve the Department of Health and LPMAK themselves, but concerning the operations will all be prepared by LMPAK, "he explained.

According to him, the Floating Clinic boat will sail to the villages and evacuate sick patients to the hospital emergency room in Timika. Where  LPMAK have also set up a clinic transit across the Poumako II bridge for initial treatment of patients who later rushed to the hospital. "We will set sail to some village health centers and village clinics in coastal areas, along with the Department of Health and LPMAK," he said.

The aluminum or silver white metal  boat which all of its materials were imported from Australia was assembled by PT Indo Raya Surabaya. It has a length of 17 meters and a width of 5 meters, it is equipped with an operating room, waiting room, clinic, hospitalization space, space medicine and doctor's office. This Floating Clinic boat is among the most complete in the eastern part of Indonesia. "For service, occasionally we will invite specialists in Timika or we can also invite one from outside the region as needed," said Jusuf.

LPMAK Deputy Executive Secretary (Wase) Support, Kristianus Ukago said the inauguration of the Floating Clinic is expected to occur in the near future, along with a number of other facilities that has been built by LPMAK, such as Sago Factory in Kekwa, Port LPMAK in Poumako and other facilities. For the procurement of the Floating Clinic, LPMAK poured funds of more than Rp. 10 Billion. The shipbuilding costs is high because it does not use propellers but uses water jets to adapt to the conditions of Mimika coastal waters that relies heavily the tide. "Our vision is to support government health programs," he said.

Kristianus also hope that both provincial and district governments can make themselves available to perform the inauguration  of the  Floating Clinic as soon as possible. So that the service can be done immediately, considering so many people are already waiting for this service in the villages. "All this time we can see that it is necessary to give something more to the community, such as a service that they can feel personally and directly. Especially in villages that are not reached by land and there is no health workers there, so hopefully this floating clinic can reach them, "he hoped. (Radar Timika Daily 9/16)

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