Papua’s Forests Lungs of the World, Government Supported by Freeport Plants 4.6 Million Trees

22 June 2023

The Papua Provincial Forestry and Environment Service stated the forests in the region represent the lungs of the world that must be well maintained by all elements in society. Head of the Papua Provincial Forestry and Environment Service, Jan Jap Ormuseray, in Sentani, Thursday, June 22, 2023 stated that the forests in this area are still very well maintained and represent the contributors of oxygen to the world. “Forests represent life, which is why I say Papua represents the lungs of the world, because for the most part oxygen is obtained from forests having many trees,” stated Jan Jap.

According to him, based on data from Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS), or Central Statistics Agency, in 2021 the area of conservation forests in Papua reached 6.73 million hectares. “Our area in Papua represents the largest conservation area in Indonesia, thereafter followed by West Papua,” said Jan.

He explained that in order to expand conservation areas in Papua, the government supported by PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) planted 4.655,200 tree seedlings over an area spanning 4,232 hectares in the Jayapura Regency. “By more threes growing, the conservation forests will expand and functioning to maintain the biodiversity of the flora and fauna,” stated Jan.

He added that in order for the tree seedlings that have been planted to remain maintained/taken care of and avoid the danger of fire, thus PT Freeport Indonesia provides assistance and training on forest fire prevention to the communities in 11 villages. “The target for planting three seedlings started in 2021 through to 2025. PT Freeport Indonesia will be providing assistance to the community for three years after the planting, namely 2025-2028,” concluded Jan.

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