Papuan Athletes Express Their Gratitude to Freeport for the Satisfying Wisma GOR MSC Service

08 October 2021


Athletics Papuan athletes who occupy Wisma Sports Center (GOR) Mimika Sport Complex (MSC) expressed their gratitude to PT. Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) for providing an inn the athletic venue complex.

Kamaludin, a 200-meter runner who has been there for about a week at the MSC Gymnasium, admitted that he was very comfortable because the room facilities are like a hotel. Water is also clean, cleaning services from the manager, food, and beverage services are proper.

"It's very comfortable here as a hotel. The manager is also kind and friendly. It's just a short walk to the venue. Thank you very much to PTFI, who has prepared it," said Kamaludin when met by Salam Papua in Wisma GOR MSC Athletes, Wednesday afternoon (6/10/2021). Pedro Wowa, a 100 and 200-meter runner also said so.

"This is extraordinary because the lodging is inside the venue complex. It may only be in Timika. Thank you PTFI for providing excellent facilities for us. While here in Timika, it was very comfortable and enjoyable," he said. Meanwhile, the Front Office supervisor of the GOR MSC Inn, Tamara to Salam Papua explained, there are two athlete lodging buildings called building A and building B that have 62 spacious rooms equipped with a bed per each. There are tables, chairs, wardrobes, and air conditioning.

"From these 62 rooms, 57 rooms are used. It's just that each room does not have a bathroom inside. There are 12 shared toilets and bathrooms," she said. It is said that the two-floor lodging at the GOR MSC is used by the Papuan team because according to the instructions of the central Great Committee (PB) PON, the home team must live closest to the venue. "It is specifically for the Papuan team," he said.

As observed by Salam Papua, the athlete's inn is very clean since the cleaners always mop the floors. The other officers there are also very friendly. This building is not only a resting place for athletes, there is also a dining room that can accommodate 100 athletes and officials. GOR MSC, which was built on a land area of 12.5 hectares and is a sports complex, is divided into three building complexes that are a soccer stadium that can hold soccer and athletics matches, an indoor stadium for basketball, volleyball and badminton, with spectator stands that can accommodate 5500 people and 75 VIP seats, and an athlete's inn for athletes to live in.

Meanwhile, the outdoor stadium is used for soccer and athletics and has a grandstand to accommodate 3500 spectators. In the west stand of the outdoor stadium, there are 2,100 spectator seats and 104 VIP seats, while in the east stand there are 1,300 spectator seats and 56 VIP seats. The grass and the 400-meter running track have been imported from Switzerland. On the other side of the field, there is also an area used for athletics, javelin throwing, discus throwing, shot put, long jump, and pole vaulting. While at the back there is a 150-meter running track that can be used by athletes to practice and warm-up before competing. There are several other facilities such as a fitness room, offices, medical treatment rooms, a canteen, a retail store, toilets, and parking lots that can accommodate 500 vehicles, as well as an amphitheater for gatherings.

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