PTFI Achieves Gold Performance

07 November 2016

2016 OPEXCON Event

The Indonesian Operational Excellence Conference and Award (OPEXCON) is an event held since 2012 and aims to provide a comprehensive overview and concrete in the field of Operational Excellence in Indonesian industry. This annual event held by the SHIFT Indonesia magazine as a form of appreciation for the perpetrators of Operational Excellence. OPEXCON 2016 fall into three categories of business and attended by 150 companies, PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) once again achieved the Golden Achievement as in 2015 for the category of Mining and Energy business areas through the Batch Plant Capacity Optimization project.

The VP of Central Services, Zulkifli and the VP of GBC Underground Mine, Ardhin Yuniar both sponsored this improvement project, where the participating members consist of the Central Services Division, GBC Mine Division and MIS Business Improvement. The purpose of this project is to ensure the ongoing production of concrete and shotcrete to support the constructions in the underground mine, in particular the GBC Mine areas.

To propose the right solution, the project team went through a series of analysis, planning and execution for six months from October 2015 to February 2016. The result of the initial analysis shows that the production of sand has to be improved and the allocation of concrete and shotcrete production in three batch plants (CIP, GBC, and Amole) is uneven. Preliminary data showed that the average monthly production of sand during the 2nd quarter of 2015 was 27,000 tons, while the demand is 36,000 tons per month. In conclusion, there is a requirement of an additional 9,000 tons of sand, or about a 33% rise from the current sand production to fulfill the demand. The preliminary data from the three Batch Plant showed on average produced 16,700 m3 per month, while the demand for shotcrete and concrete is 20,000 m3 per month. Which means the production must increase approximately 3,300 m3 per month.

To achieve the set targets a series of initiatives commenced, among others by resetting the process flow in the CIP crusher plant, increasing the working hour productivity and create a better production plan. The results are the average production of sand from November 2015 - February 2016 increased to 38,500 tons per month (higher than the initial target) and the total average of shotcrete and concrete production in all three Batch Plants increased to 18,600 m3 per month. The Batch Plant Capacity Optimization project achieved in providing the best solutions that is not only cost efficient but also eases costs directly.

This project performs simple actions but have a great impact on the volume of production, employee or operator performance, and labor efficiency that directly impact the business interests of the continuity of operations of the company. (Ivy Marischa & Fadjar Ananto)

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