Tasya Kamila Gives Online Briefing on Environmental Campaigns of PT Freeport Indonesia

21 January 2022

Scores of Middle School Students (SMP) in Mimika Regency and associated with PT Freeport Indonesia’s natural preservations program (Alam Lestari Program) received an online briefing from Tasya Kamila, an actress, and environmental activist on Wednesday (1/19/22). Freeport Manager Environmental Department, Gesang Setyadi, said through a release which was received a.o by Tribun Papua-com on Friday (1/21/2022) that the Alam Lestari Program is routinely held by Freeport’s Environmental Department during which the participants are given several briefings on environmental issues and which are distributed to the community through social media,” said Gersang adding that through special media the environmental campaigns, which in the beginning were limited, are now freely distributed across space and time.

Tasya Kamila who has become an environmental ambassador who started campaigning at the age of 13 is motivating the participants to become environmental ambassadors just like her. She explained that being an environmental ambassador one must have deep concern about the environment and the will to take action. “It also requires creativity in the effort to resolve issues to become part of the solution, and besides possessing the skill of good communication one must have the ability to inspire other people to take action, be optimistic and open-minded, have broad insight and leadership skills,” Tasya said. 

The actress who has a Master's degree in Public Administration (MPA), Energy and the Environment from the USA is telling her audience that wherever there is social media and internet connection one has no excuses to ignore environmental issues. “Use your gadgets for matters that are useful to the environment and whatever we can do for it,” she said.

Just for one’s information the Program Alam Lestari is an annual event initiated by Freeport in association with other private enterprises in Timika in collaboration with the Mimika Regional Government.  Hopefully the participants do become environmental ambassadors in the future and capable to respond to environmental issues. The sole aim of the Alam Lestari Program is to develop knowledge awareness and concern of the environment, develop the ability of the program participants in the effort to resolve issues related to environmental issues, and pass on-field experiences to program participants and bring more environmental ambassadors to the Regency of Mimika.




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