Ini Alasan Freeport Pilih Listrik PLN untuk Smelter di Gresik

22 March 2022

It has been confirmed that PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) will source its electricity from PT PLN (Persero) to meet power demand for its copper concentrate smelter in the Java Integrated Industrial and Port Estate (JIIPE) special economic zone (KEK) in Gresik, East Java.

Freeport Indonesia management notes that having electricity supplied by PLN for its copper concentrate smelter development, which will have a capacity of 3 million tons per year, offers a considerably competitive option as opposed to the company having to build its own power plant or source power from a company other than PLN.

Freeport Indonesia President Director Tony Wenas says to date the price of electricity offered by PLN is competitive. This has led to the company choosing to buy electricity from PLN to ensure demand for its smelter is met. “PLN already has electricity in hand, it has no need to build a new plant as it carries excess capacity in East Java. So, one and all are happy, PLN is happy, we are happy, and BKMS is happy as well as it is a three-party agreement,” he disclosed during the Economic Outlook 2022 by CNBC Indonesia, on Tuesday (22/3).

Tony said PLN will be supplying 170 mega volt amperes (MVA) electricity for the smelter. This was agreed following an electrical power sales purchase agreement (PJBTL) entered into with a subsidiary of PT AKR Corporindo Tbk, PT Berkah Kawasan Manyar Sejahtera (BKMS).

The electricity purchased by BKMS will be subsequently distributed and resold to PT Freeport Indonesia for its smelter in Gresik. "So, electricity will be supplied by PLN through BKMS as the estate manager. We will be receiving 170 megawatts of electricity from PLN and that is how much we will need to meet our copper smelter project’s demand at JIIPE Gresik," he said.

Earlier, Director of Commerce and Customer Management Bob Syahril had stated PLN was ready to provide service with international standard reliability. As such, PLN will be increasing its generators and its backbone power grid in order to offer supply alternatives according to the terms of its agreement.

"We are prepared to supply electricity to the PTFI smelter from our power substation. We offer competitive pricing. This is supported by a powerful distribution grid and a more than sufficient supply with approximately 6.5 Giga Watts available," he said some time ago.

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