Nurturing Environmental Awareness from Childhood

25 April 2016   |   CSR News

2016 Earth Day Commemoration

In commemoration of Earth Day 2016, Dept. Environmental & Awareness PTFI collaboration with the Department of Education, the Mimika Environment Local Agency and Timika Local Media make an assessment of the application of the 3Rs (Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle) within schools in Mimika Regency in April 2016. The implementation of the 3R system becomes one solution in keeping the environment around us is cheap and easy to do. In addition, the application of the 3Rs can also be done by everyone in their daily activities. Not least in the school environment.

Reuse means reuse waste that still can be used for the same function or other functions. Reduce means to reduce everything that resulted in the trash. And Recycle means to reprocess (recycling) of waste into products or new products that are useful.

Environmental pollution caused by garbage damage the environment and be one factor in the occurrence of disasters such as floods and landslides. Environmental damage that occurs due to garbage because garbage cannot be fully processed by humans. For that we need the awareness of the public in order to prevent an increase in environmental damage because of the waste.

The jury consisting of representatives from the Department of P & K, the Environment Agency, and Timika Local Media Dept. Environmental PTFI, visit and conduct an assessment to schools that have been registered in the race. The focus of this first assessment is how the school implements the method of learning about environmental stewardship. The second is how the school handles trash, recycle or use them into useful items. The third is how the school manages its environment nuanced environmental stewardship.

Awareness about environmental conservation should be instilled from an early age. The activities commemorating Earth Day invites children to love the environment and get used to care about healthy behavior, by keeping the school environment, and recycling waste. It is a form of concern and social responsibility to the community, from the company in conducting various programs in direct contact with the public, one of which relates to the education of environmental awareness, especially for children of school age. (Hendrikus)

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