Flash Floods in Freeport Area, Mining and Processing Activities Temporarily Suspended

12 February 2023

PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) is temporarily suspending mining and processing activities in Tembagapura, Mimika, Central Papua after flash flooding struck the plant’s area. This was conveyed by the President Director of PT Freeport Indonesia, Tony Wenas, by means of a written statement, Sunday (2/12).

According to his explanation, the closing is carried out due to the heavy rainfall in the PT Freeport Indonesia mining area in Tembagapura, which has caused part of the Mill-Concentrating plant location experiencing mud flooding.

Not just that, said incident’s occurrence has caused damage to several sections of the mining road. “As a result, the mining and processing activities have temporarily been suspended for a restoring process,” stated Tony.

However, despite said incident he didn’t provide further details in terms of how long the closing would be in place. He just mentioned that they continue to conduct clean-up and restoring measures, so that the operation could return to normalcy.

PT Freeport Indonesia’s Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR) team, he continued to state, has been activated to take the necessary measures to restore the mining areas impacted by the heavy rainfall which occurred on Saturday (2/11).

“Since last night (Saturday), we are continuing to conduct cleaning-up and recovery/restoring measures in a safe manner and in line with their priority; thereby expectations are that the operation will be able to return to normalcy,” he explained. “The situation in the Tembagapura area, particularly in the plant area in MP 74, is now under control accordingly.”

In terms of the 14 employees who were locked-in inside the Offices Building, Tony stated that PT Freeport Indonesia has picked them up, and they are currently in good health.

As previously reported, flash floods struck the Mile 74 mining area, Tembagapura, Mimika, Central Papua on Saturday (2/11). The flood caused the death of two people.

Chief of the Tembagapura Police Sector, Ahmad Dahlan, confirmed the death of the two residents caused by the flash flood.

The initials of the two fatalities are JM and NK, and they were found in Mile 70, in PT Freeport Indonesia’s mining site.

“It’s true that two residents died, one was found last night and the other one this morning,” he disclosed to Tribun-Papua.com on Sunday.



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