Freeport's 'Smart Mining' Technology Innovation, A Pioneer in Mining Digitization

24 February 2022

PT Freeport Indonesia continues to make various efforts and innovates to improve the quality of production and employee safety. One that is currently being carried out is the application of 'smart mining' technology. Efforts to apply this smart mining technology were revealed in a webinar discussion, as one of a series of activities for the National Occupational Safety And Health Program (K3) Month (BK3N) organized by PTFI, from January 13, 2022, to February 13, 2022.

'Smart mining' is expected to support the improvement of work safety for all PTFI employees that is in line with the theme of the BK3N in 2022 entitled "Challenges of Implementing and Improving Mining Safety Culture (OHS and Operational Safety) in the Digitalization Era".

PT Freeport Indonesia's implementation of 'smart mining' includes the concept of applying artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and big data in its mining operations. 'smart mining' is hoped to support the improvement of the safety of all employees work. This is a form of PTFI's consistency in implementing various methods, systems and policies to support the creation of work safety in all areas of the company's operations.

Some examples of the implementation of 'smart mining' that PTFI is currently running and developing are the use of 5G technology to support PTFI's mining operations. Smart mining is an activity implementation to support the creation of better work safety and strengthen a safety culture as one of the company's core values. "PTFI will continue to be one of the solutions for mining innovation in the country, not to realize employee safety, but also to increase company productivity," explained EVP Site Operations and PTFI Head of Mining Engineering, Carl Tauran in a press release received by , Thursday (25/2/2022).

The electric locomotive, which operates in PTFI's underground mining area, is controlled using a remote button as one of the technological innovations in PTFI's work environment. PTFI is also focusing on developing its underground mining in Grasberg, Mimika, Papua. The ongoing development of 'smart mining' technology will support PTFI to achieve optimal production from it.

In a webinar that is part of a series of activities, Director of Mineral and Coal Receipts at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Muhammad Wafid, appreciated and welcomed PTFI's innovation in the use of 'smart mining' technology, to support OHS aspects in the mining operations.

He said the Indonesian government appreciated PTFI's commitment to upholding OHS through technological innovations such as implementing smart mining. PTFI has become a pioneer and good example for mining digitization with a complete concept and technological innovation that is constantly being developed. "We hope that this progress can be supported by the spirit of collaboration between stakeholders so that PTFI and other mining players can continue to run a mining safety business sustainably," he stated.

Meanwhile, the Director & Executive Vice President of Community Affairs, Claus Wamafma, at the closing ceremony of the BK3N in the PTFI area encouraged employees to participate in the OHS culture to support labor protection efforts. "All programs implemented by the PTFI BK3N 2022 Committee aim to increase awareness of all workers, encourage a culture of occupational safety and health in every business process, and in the final turn can create a safe, productive and efficient work climate and process," explained Claus.

BK3N is a momentum to remind employees and all stakeholders in the company environment of the importance of OHS aspects. For one month, various activities such as webinars, socialization and education on mining safety, competitions, and other events are held as part of the 2020 BK3N commemoration at PTFI.

Safety activities are also carried out by inspecting drivers on the road to perform brake tests, checking vehicle completeness, knowledge tests related to the material, to implementing health protocols, including waste management in the work area.

PTFI's BK3N activities in 2022 were attended by employees, and representatives of relevant stakeholders, such as the Head of the Mimika Regency Manpower & Transmigration Office, the Supervisor of Youth Labor at the Department of Industry, Trade, Cooperatives and SMEs & Papua Province Manpower, the Head of the Kuala Kencana District, as well as elements of the Indonesian Military-National Police (TNI-POLRI).

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