Minegem Productivity Improvement Project Innovation Achieves Highest Award

14 October 2015


From the Operational Excellence Conference and Award 2015

PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) is an organization with a vast thirst for development and change for the better. Utmost efforts are constantly made to achieve sustainable change for the organization’s success. 

In business, operational excellence (OPEX) is a commonly heard phrase. But what exactly does it signify? In general, operational excellence is defined as an element of organizational leadership that stresses the application of a variety of principles, systems, and tools toward the sustainable improvement of key performance metrics. All businesses are familiar with this phrase, including the business we are engaged in, mining. 

On October 12, PTFI earned an award for its operational excellence in its organization. PTFI was awarded the highest award (Gold Achievement) at the Operational Excellence Conference and Awards 2015 for its Minegem Productivity Improvement Project.

Minegem is an operational excellence application in PTFI’s business process. Minegem is an underground automation system introduced by Caterpillar. This system was designed to enhance safety and boost operator efficiency and effectiveness in underground mining operations. It can boost operator safety, efficiency and effectiveness in underground mining operations.  

One way to enhance sustainable improvement is through continuous seeking of room for improvement. The sky is the limit. To improve Minegem application at PTFI, Minegem is implementing a Minegem Productivity Improvement project aimed at improving Minegem implementation in PTFI underground mining. This is indeed significant bearing in mind that after 2018, mining at PTFI will be performed entirely underground.  

Assessment and evaluation conducted by Management found solutions to improving Minegem application in PTFI’s underground mining. The project produced improvement in availability of Minegem LHD and resulting in utilization of Minegem LHD. This project earned increase in Minegem LDH productivity amounted around 4.6 kilo ton per day (KTPD).


In addition to yielding measurable benefits, the Minegem Productivity Improvement project has successfully generated cross-departmental coordination within PTFI, among Maintenance, Operations, and Engineering. Beyond that, improvement could exponentially increase the chances of achieving zero accidents through regular and measured application of Minegem.  

Recognition of PTFI’s operational excellence in improving quality was conferred by OPEXCON, the biggest operational excellence conference in Indonesia, which gathers various industries to give birth to new inspirations and ideas on transformation, on a corporate as well as project scale.

Presentation of the award was made on October 12, 2015 at Hotel JW Marriott Jakarta. PTFI was represented by Tomy Indarto and Leader of OPEX Program Fadjar Ananto.

“In a difficult situation like this it’s a mandatory to all of us to perform a continuous improvement in all fields. This award is an acknowledgement from the external parties on the quality of the improvement projects in PTFI,” said Fadjar. (Miko Sularso)

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