Persipura Eyes Fifth League Trophy with the Continuous Support of PT Freeport Indonesia

08 March 2015


PT Freeport Indonesia officially reconfirmed the commitment and support to the Papuan community pride football team, Persipura Jayapura on Wednesday evening (3/4) at the garden of Imbi Yos Sudarso, Jayapura city.

The signing of the MoU was carried by the President Director of PT Freeport Indonesia, Maroef Sjamsoeddin with Chairman of Persipura David Benhur Tomy Mano.

"Through this MoU signing, PT Freeport Indonesia expressed  our official support to Persipura Jayapura to continue its existence in football game, both at national and international level," said Maroef Sjamsoeddin.

He also says that the momentum is a great pride and honor for him because he may be present and accepted in the land of Papua.

This is the fourth year for PT Freeport Indonesia embodies its commitment to take a part in the success of the team which is called the black pearl.

Maroef Sjamsoeddin said the commitment and the benefits to the development of Papua is not only physically but also non-physical.


"Our commitment to provide benefits to Papua, not only by way of building up physically, but also by giving an impetus to the development of non-physical such as happening in this MoU signing with the Persipura," said Maroef in his remarks in front of hundreds of Jayapurans gathered on that community event.

One of the tangible steps that PTFI also done is to build Mimika Sport Complex in Timika, which is expected to create star athletes from the land of Papua.

He hopes with the full support given by PT Freeport Indonesia, it could be a contribution to the progress and development of football in the land of Papua in particular and Indonesia in general. This support is expected to help to realize the dream of Persipura to win the five star champion in the Indonesia Super League (ISL) as well as to win the AFC this year. From here also later expected that the transparency of fund management might be accountable to the Papuan communities.

In the signing of this cooperation also, Benhur Tomy Mano was officially confirming Maroef Sjamsoeddin as the advisor of Persipura Jayapura. He also gave thanks to PT Freeport Indonesia which had given serious attention and support for the team.


"Persipura is the dignity for Papuans. On behalf of the people of Papua and Persipura: we thank you for the support given by PT Freeport Indonesia. This support would mean a lot to Persipura, yet in the other hand this also a big burden for us to be able to demonstrate our achievements, "he said.

Tomy Mano also said that this aid was enough for Persipura Jayapura. At the end of the competition on a later date, the fund management will be reported to Papuan community as an accountability act.

The event at the garden of Yos Sudarso Imbi was lively went on: the drizzling weather at the beginning did not turn away the spirit of the Persipuramania to remain present. The Red Sea was becoming the dominant view that night. Besides commemorating the MoU signing between PTFI and Persipura, the event was also commemorating the 105th anniversary of Jayapura city. This event was also enliven with games, door prizes giveaways and performances of guest stars, including artists from the original capital of Papua, Michael Jakarimilena, Indonesian Idol I finalist. Persipuramania were all sharing joy and cheers. (Lia Nauw)

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