PT Freeport Indonesia Facilitated the Departure of 2.508 Workers to Their Homes in Celebrating Christmas

09 December 2021

PT Freeport Indonesia facilitated the departure of a total of 2,508 employees to their hometowns so that they can celebrate Christmas and New Year together with their families. The facilitation is an annual agenda organized by the company so-called Christmas Flight 2021 participated by various contractors and employees from PT Freeport Indonesia. The opening of the 2021 Christmas flights and boats will start from December 9 to December 30, 2021. Meanwhile, passenger pick-up starts from January 6 to 18, 2022.

The opening ceremony was marked by the beating of tifa, and the inaugural flight with the Timika-Paniai-Deiyai route, using an Airfast Twin Otter aircraft, on Thursday (9/12/2021) at the Perintis Terminal, Mozes Kilangin Airport, Timika. Vp of Industrial Relation PT Freeport Indonesia, Demi Magai stated Christmas Flight 2021 is an annual program, which two years prior could not be organized due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Demi explained that the company can continue the program this year because it was a gift from God. Though his program can be held, some areas cannot be served because the situation and conditions do not allow. Demi also stated that he will coordinate with the security forces, especially regarding safety of the employees.

Demi continues that safety is the number one priority for the employees, considering they are an invaluable-assets to the company, thus there are some areas and districts that are not permitted to fly to due to safety concerns for the employees.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Christmas Flight Committee, Yusak said, this program serves both air and seawater transportations. For flights serving the Manokwari, Sorong, and Nabire areas using commercial aircraft. And in the deep of Papua, using Twin Otter Airfast aircraft, such as Enarotali, Waghete, Monamani, Kaimana, Fak Fak, Serui, and Teluk Wondama.

Yusak also stated that transportation will also be provided using a helicopter for some areas to support the Christmas Flight Program. He continued, for coastal areas the company prepared fuel to 17 regions and areas include Kokonao, Agimuga, Aika Wapuka, Ipaya, Potowayburu, Pronggo, Timika Pantai, Agats, Atuka, Omawita, Sumapo, Ararao, Kekwa, Manasari, Umar, Yaraya, and Amar. He hoped that this program could help employees celebrate Christmas with their families.

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