Splendid Kenanga Mess Hall Officially Opened in Ridge Camp Super Block

22 September 2017

(Right) The mess hall is equipped with state-of-the-art kitcen and manned with professional staff to provide meals to the employees. (Left) The new building, the food served,and the serve,and the service provide are three features highlighting the excellence of the new Kenangan Mess Hall.

Splendid is just the right word to describe the first impression gained upon entering the new mess hall that was officially opened on Wednesday (20/9) at the Ridge Camp Super Block complex in MP 72. The entire second floor of the Super Block building laid out north to south is dedicated to the mess hall, with a state-of-the-art kitchen separating the dining areas for non-staff and staff employees – making it the biggest mess hall in Jobsite. The new Kenanga mess hall replaces the old one that now functions as a service kitchen.  Thanks to excellent collaboration between PTFI and PT Pangan Sari Utama (PSU), Kenanga Mess Hall is ready to provide prime service for the more than 8,500 residents of Ridge Camp. 

A large tumpeng traditional rice cone was prominently displayed at the center of the mess hall on the day of the opening. The Kenanga Mess Hall opening ceremony was attended by representatives from PTFI management, PT PSU management, and the divisions and departments directly involved in completing of the facility. After a symbolic ceremony to cut the tumpeng, Kenanga Mess Hall opened its doors for the first time to Ridge Camp residents, who enthusiastically partook of the special dishes served on this special day.

An interesting feature of this newly-opened mess hall is that non-staff employees are now served the same menu as the one for staff employees. Like the dining room for staff employees, two salad bars are available in the non-staff employees dining room along with a machine dispensing delicious ice cream. 

“It is only the actual areas that are differentiated, but the menu and service for either non-staff employees or staff employees are the same. The mess hall is equipped with industrial-standard modern and sophisticated kitchen equipment to ensure healthy and wholesome food is served by skilled and professional workers,” Ahmad Patoni, Head of Food Catering Services at PT PSU explained.

Anastasia Windyani, an employee working in OB 3 in MP 72 who dines every day in the Kenanga mess hall offered her impression of the new facility. 

“It is comfortable and well-appointed, so unlike the old facility with its slippery floors that at times almost caused me to trip. The menu is also good. I hope PSU will continue to improve the quality of service and food in this mess hall, to match the impressiveness of the new facility.” 

The new building, the food served, and the service provided are three features highlighting the excellence of the new Kenanga Mess Hall.  This improved service for employees embodies the company’s commitment to ensure that every employee receives fundamental service and the best quality of life in Jobsite. (Viesca Chrisnikasanty, edit by Sularso)


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