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18 November 2015

Village Development Program in Mimika Coastal

Most communities in the southern coastal district of Mimika majority of the Kamoro people are followers of the Catholic religion. So is the case in East Mimika District, namely Kampung Manasari (Omawita-Fanamo) and Otakwa. In harmony with the village economic development programs, one of which was through the Oil Palm program, the future of this village will become the economic center of the village in the East Mimika District.

Manasari region since 2013, getting the attention of PT Freeport Indonesia in collaboration with the Regional Government of Mimika, LPMAK and the Catholic Church. Various programs are being implemented in Kampung Manasari. The program is called the Village Empowerment Program in Region Manasari unveiled by Mimika Regent coincide with the inauguration Manasari as the Far East Mimika District Centre. Programs that run includes five fields; Health, Education, Economy, Infrastructure Support and Capacity Building for Institutional village.

In addition to the development of village economy, support to serve the people in his church, also need attention and support. Support facilities such as houses of worship were representative, which can accommodate many more people is very important.

In the planning stages of a joint program, one of the wishes of the people in this region is the desire to build a church building representative. This proposal was welcomed positively by PTFI and the Catholic Church Diocese of Timika. The program also included the construction of a church in the plan for the 2014-2015 program year built Manasari and Otakwa.

Laying the first stone of the church was carried out in Manasari October 1, 2014 and October 2, 2014 in Otakwa. With a building area three times larger than the old church building, is expected to eventually be able to accommodate all the people in this area while doing worship. With the construction of which are made from wood, with local wisdom nuanced design through form and appreciation of indigenous Kamoro local carvings, this church will be the largest and most magnificent church in the southern coastal areas of Mimika.

As an expression of gratitude, the community also participated in the development process of this church. Community support in the form of employment assistance, material support and production of local wood carving to decorate the walls and doors of the church motif. Construction of two church buildings is expected to be unveiled at December 2-3, 2015 once the handover of PTFI to the Catholic Church and Society. (Hendrikus)

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