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21 April 2016

2016 Corporate Internal Environmental Audit


Environment sustainability is one of the pivotal issues in PT Freeport Indonesia’s operation. The company always seek for the best to establish a sustainable operation, one that is environmental friendly.

Environmental audit is one of the means exercised by the Company to ensure that the environmental management in the company’s operation complied with the prevailing provisions. On April 5-13, 2016, PTFI holds corporate environmental audit performed by FCX in coordination with Crescent International (CTI), independent consultant entrusted by Freeport McMoRan for over 20 years.

The corporate environmental audit is one of several audits held by PTFI through its environmental department to reviewing the environmental management implementation in PTFI site.

“There are three main objectives of this event. First, we were sent here to ensure that we don’t have any unknown material environmental liabilities. Second, we’re here as part of the improvement on our environmental performance, and the third is to perform our annual environmental management system (EMS) audit.” Says Paul Kunkel, Manager EMS & Audit Programs who acts as the lead auditor in this corporate environmental audit.


“I have been coming here every year for more than 20 years. And I could say that PTFI environmental performance is always performing good improvement from year to year: the reduction of pollution, there used to be no water sewage treatment plant, there were no water and oil separator, a great achievement on reclamation efforts in various areas, they are all huge improvement that PTFI have had, and I can say the PTFI’s EMS is one of the strongest from all mining sites that I have ever been” said Laura Daniels, auditor from CTI.

Furthermore Laura and Paul explained that environmental is one of important aspects in today’s business that may support the continuity of our business the way we wanted to do it. Besides mandated by board of directors of the Company, as PTFI is an US company affiliation, the audit is a form of requirement of the USSCC, that the company must disclose any environmental liabilities to public. The result of the corporate environmental audit will be reported to the upper site management as well as the sustainability vice president in Phoenix. The result of this corporate environmental audit will significant to contribute to the critical PTFI’s environment performance for the sake of company’s success.

The corporate environmental audit was conducted in all PTFI areas all the way from surface mine to the Lowland’s area. PTFI’s Environmental Department escorting the audit team as the host as well as liaising the auditors with the area owners. As the key person in charge of the environmental performance, PTFI’s Environmental Department is the front liner of making sure the company operation is embracing the future and creating a sustainable business. (Miko Sularso)

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