PTFI Youth, Inspiration of Papua

28 October 2020

Boby Yomaki

Initiating his career at a television stationled Boby Yomaki to keep traveling and meet Indonesian children across the country. From there, Boby witnessed that there are still many Indonesian children who need a helping hand. Since joining PT Freeport Indonesia in 2012, this Wandamen, West Papua, youth has started to make his dreams come true of being able to do something real for Papuan children. Together with the group he initiated with his colleagues, Look At Me Papua (LAMP), Boby continues to encourage his colleagues to help and contribute to children in Mimika.

Boby’s commitment to contribute is not merely for the Papuan children, but also for the environment. Every day, Boby as a Chief Compliance Coordinator in the Environment Division of PTFI ensures that PTFI's operational activities are carried out in accordance with the regulations of the government and the company. To Boby, the welfare of the Papuan children as the future successors has to be followed with a conserved nature. Boby believes that Indonesian youth need to unite, to do whatever possible for the society and the environment.

Mike Toam

Since she was a girl, Mike Junet Toam Pepuho, has always dreamed of serving and helping others, has the ability to think analytically, and communicating all her ideas well. The dreams have led Mike to enroll in Communication Studies at Corban University, Oregon, United States, in 2012. With her communication skills and spirit for contributing, Mike then started her career as a communication expert as well as a teacher in Papua Harapan School, Jayapura.

Mike's dream to expand her contribution came true when she joined PT Freeport Indonesia as a Statistics & Data Analyst in the OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) Division, 3 years ago. Here, Mike combines her analytical and communication skills to address breakthroughs and recommendations that support the safety of PTFI employees. In between her activities, Mike often uses her abilities to provide benefits for others. For instance, she used her communication skill in English to raise funds from donors abroad for the handling of flash floods in Jayapura in 2019. Therefore, this Sentani youth proved that her dreams to serve others and expanding her analytical and communication skills can be realized anywhere, even in a male-dominated mining industry.

Albert Jiesral

Albert Jiesral always believes that Indonesian youth have the power to lead change. For this Underground Division of PT Freeport Indonesia employee, the passionate spirit of the youth must be transformed into positive energy to work and strive, including in the midst of a pandemic. He then channeled this spirit by continuing to be a role model for the COVID-19 preventive efforts for his colleagues, more than 1,600 meters underground. This Mining Engineering Bachelor Graduate from the Bandung Institute of Technology believes that the only thing needed to be transmitted amid this pandemic is the spirit to prioritize safety, such as by constantly promoting the implementation health protocols.

Besides being a role model in the work environment, Albert's spirit to nurture a love for the environment for his children has never withered. By educating his children to throw waste appropriately and to save water and energy, Albert has become one of many Indonesian youth who have initiated positive changes starting from his family. He hopes that every positive role taken by the Indonesian youth can make the nation rise to be better in the future.

Agustina Ratnaningrum

The male-dominant mining industry does not hamper women to become leaders. This has been proven by Agustina Ratnaningrum (Nina), who joined PTFI since 2008. As an Underground Mine Geotech Superintendent for the Geoengineering Integrated Monitoring Center (GIMC), Nina leads the daily operations of GIMC and ensures that the other young geotechnology and geophysical engineers implement the safety and technical aspects of seismic and mine monitoring.

Nina's leadership in GIMC daily operations is inseparable from her integrity and excellence in work, including always providing comprehensive perspectives when delivering mining hazard risk analysis. In 2014, Nina was appointed as PTFI representative as well as the first PTFI female employee to work at Freeport Mc-MoRan headquarters in Arizona, United States, as a geotechnical support engineer for two years. In addition, when Nina was an Underground Mine Geotechnical Engineer, she showcased PTFI's good reputation by presenting her two scientific papers at the MassMin 2012 conference, Sudbury, Canada.

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