Staying Solid ‘till the Final Blasting

18 April 2016

DOZ Block Caving has been operating for approximately 16 years, and in that time has been through 651 Draw Bell blasting. On Tuesday (3/15) around 1:45 pm the DOZ Block Caving team collaborated with the Orica team on the 652th blasting in this area.

This final blasting event was a simple affair, involving crew members who have been working together for these many years. Engel Enoch as the Manager of DOZ Construction & Repair said "This day would never have come without the dedication and hard work of the entire crew. I am proud we have been together through thick and thin since the very beginning of the DOZ Block Caving blasting in 2000. Today we will commence the 652th blasting which is also the final blasting in this area".

The dedication, work morale and sense of family can be felt among these men.  Together they worked diligently and also looking after each other’s safety. Their teamwork is an example of outstanding teamwork in a work area full of risks. (imarischa)

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