In 2017, the volume of Freeport Indonesia’s carbon dioxide equivalent emissions was 2.52 million metric tons; originating primarily from fuel combustion in haul trucks and power plants. As we produce our own power supply, this comes under the category of direct emission. In 2017 emission was lower compared with previous years, in line with the lower level of mining in the Grasberg open pit as we transitioned to underground mining.    

The main component in our direct emission is associated with mining equipment. Our main suppliers have set a company goal to reduce greenhouse emission from their products by 20% by 2020. In the short term, we are focusing on improving efficiency of our haul truck fleet as a means of reducing direct emissions. 

Air emissions produced in the Mahaka Lime Plant, the Concentrate Dewatering Plant, power plants and moving vehicles are managed in compliance with prevailing government regulation and permits.  Maintenance, prevention and supervisory procedures are performed in conformance to permit requirements. Emissions are monitored routinely by an accredited laboratory.